Krishna & Kaamdhenu – Handcrafted Figurines

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Handcrafted Krishna and cow – Krishna made in felt with silk dhoti comes with soft plush cow toy in printed soft cotton make a perfect gift for yourself or your loved ones. Eco-friendly & 100% handcrafted in a home with lots of love and care.

These are two separate pieces also available for individual purchase

Fun Facts about Krishna
#1. Shri Krishna was born as the eighth son of Devaki and Vasudeva in Rohini Nakshatra.
#2. He is so powerful that he even brought the dead son of his Guru Sandipani as a way of paying Gurudakshina to Sandipani
#3. In the earlier avatar, Lord Rama killed Bali, and he assured Tara (Bali’s widow) that Bali would be able to take revenge in his next birth. Bali was reborn as Jara, and he ended the life of Krishna on earth with a simple arrow. This was the curse of Gandhari
#4. Sudarshan Chakra is perhaps Shri Krishna’s most favourite weapon. He used it to kill Shishupala and also used it to create the illusion of sunset when he killed Jayadratha
#5. The Pandavas are related to Shri Krishna from their mother’s side. Kunti, the mother of Pandavas, was the sister of Vasudev, who was the father of Shri Krishna

Fun Facts about Kaamdhenu
1. Kamdhenu Mata is the cow goddess with some other names as Surabhi, Shaval, Aditi and Kamudh
2. She was one of the nine divine blessings which came out during the Samudra Manthan and was gifted to Rishi Vashisht
3. When land was cursed with drought during the reign of King Vishwamitra he approached Rishi Vashisht who prayed to Kamdhenu Goddess and she blessed all accompanying the king with delicious variety of food and drinks

Handcrafted Krishna and cow. Krishna made in felt with silk dhoti comes with soft plush cow toy in printed soft cotton. These are two separate pieces.

Material : Cotton, felt, silk
Dimension : 13"(width) x 11"(Height) x 2.5"(Thickness)

Made of material consciously procured from select stock fabric overruns, this creation has helped reduce manufacturing pressure on our beautiful planet earth!

Part of the Amaryn collection it has been handcrafted with love by underprivileged women upskilled by SVATANYA. By buying it, you become a part of SVATANYA family and contribute towards the cause of helping marginalized women get financially empowered. A perfect gift for yourself or your loved ones, It is sure to light up your house and also the house of these women!

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Set or Single

Krishna & Kaamdhenu (Jumbo), Krishna & Kaamdhenu (Mini) Magnetic Set, Krishna (Magnetic), Krishna, Kaamdhenu (Jumbo), Kaamdhenu (Mini)

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  1. Navjyoti Sharma (verified owner)

    My daughter absolutely loved the baby Krishna and the figurine ! What a wonderful initiative by the svatanya team! more power to you and do let me know how to spread the word !

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