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Handmade Ravana in Felt with recycled polyfiber makes a perfect gift for yourself or your loved ones. Eco-friendly & 100% handcrafted in a home with lots of love and care. Ravana, mostly seen just as a villain slain on Dussehra, a Hindu festival to celebrate the victory of good over evil, was one of the most important characters ever in the scheme of things. But below are some aspects less known about him:

1. Ravana was half-Brahmin and half-demon. His father was Vishwashrava, a rishi belonging to the Pulastya clan, and mother Kaikasi (second wife) belonged to a demon clan. Ravana was regarded as one of the most brilliant demon with thorough knowledge of 4 Vedas and 6 Upanishads and was even hailed by Rama as a Mahabrahman

2. Contrary to belief, Ravana was not a cruel ruler. Although he took Sri Lanka by force from his step brother Kuber, he proved be the most influential Sri Lankan king ever and his reign is recorded as the most prosperous era. His empire spread over Balidweepa (today’s Bali), Malayadweep (Malaysia), Angadweepa, Varahdweepa, Shankhadweepa, Yavadweepa, Andhralaya and Kushadweepa

3. According to some versions of Ramayana, Ravana did not have ten heads but it appeared so because of a nine pearls necklace that caused an optical illusion. And in other versions it is said that to please Shiva, Ravana chopped his own head into pieces, but after seeing his devotion Shiva made each piece spawn into another head

4. Ravana’s strength was unmatchable and he could move seas and split mountain tops. He even fought the thunderbolt (tusks of Indra’s elephant Airavata) of Indra  and the discuss of Vishnu. Emperor of the Three Worlds he was a distinguished fighter in Angampora the Sinhalese traditional martial arts. With his might and intelligence combined, Ravana had not only conquered humans but also celestials and other demons making him the almighty of asuras (demons) in three different worlds. The only mortals who could overpower him physically were Kartavirya Arjuna and Vanara Vali

5. Ravana, the Scholar, well versed with Ayurveda, Astrology, esoteric practices and black magic was a master of many sciences. He knew 64 different kinds of arts and had a deep understanding of the Vedas. With years of penance and dedication, Ravana was said to have become so mighty that he could actually control the sunrise and sunset. Once he captured all the nine planets and vehemently made all of them to be in lagna bhava to make Meghanada, his son, the greatest of all. Ravana was a master of tantra vidya and created optical illusions of thoughts while fighting his enemies. He wrote “Ravana Samhita” an excellent compilation of his scholarly works

6. Ravana and Kumbhakaran were actually Jaya and Vijaya, Vishnu’s gatekeepers, which made them a little arrogant and they mistook the four Kumaras (mind-born sons of Brahma) for naked children. This enraged the sages Jaya-Vijaya got cursed for separation from their lord. Begging for forgiveness, they were given a choice of seven lifetimes on earth as Vishnu avatar allies or three lifetimes as enemies. They naturally chose the latter and in one of those Jaya-Vijaya were born as Ravana and Kumbhkaran

7. In some depictions, Ravana can be seen carrying a Veena and is believed that he had a keen interest in music and was a highly accomplished veena player. As a great musician he designed his own string instrument called Ravana Veena and also invented the bow of the violin. He also narrated very first Ragas and composed Shiv Tandav, most valuable work on praise of Lord Shiva

8. In a version of Ramayana, Rama’s army needed Shiva’s blessing for the bridge but didn’t have a priest. Ravana as the biggest bhakt of Shiva and also being a half-brahman was best qualified to perform it. Displaying honour, Ravana actually showed up, performed the yagya and also gave Rama his blessings. Rama asked Lakshman to sit beside the dying demon-king and learn from him important lessons in statecraft and diplomacy. Ravana guided Lakshmana to always have good relations with charioteer, cook, gatekeeper and his brothers, because those are the persons who can harm one the most. He advised Lakshmana never to underestimate strength of his enemy and to trust a minister who criticizes, thus sharing the mistakes he had himself made.

9. Ravana was Lord Brahma’s great grandson and did thousand years of penance to become immortal which was declined. Then he sought a boon that no God, demon, kinnar or gandharva could ever kill him but it was added that his life would be concentrated in his navel (naabhi). Ravana’s brother Vibhishana, knew this, and on tenth day of battle, told Rama to strike his arrow at Ravana’s navel, thus killing the demon king. Little did Ravana know that he did not seek the boon for protection from humans and it was Rama who ultimately slayed him

10. There are several places in India and Sri Lanka where Ravana is worshipped. In Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh there is a huge Shivalinga supposedly installed by Ravana himself and both Shivalinga and Ravana are worshiped by the fishermen community there. There is one Ravana temple in Kanpur (UP) while there is a Jain temple at Alwar. Thousands of Kanyakubja Brahmins of the village Ravangram of Netaran, in the Vidisha District (MP) perform daily worship in the Ravana temple

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Material : Felt, Lace, Sequins, Wooden Beads, Recycled fiberfill
Dimension :3.5"(H)

Ravana in Felt with recycled polyfibre, so that the Kids can have all the fun while they learn! Made of raw material consciously procured from select stock fabric overruns, this creation has helped reduce manufacturing pressure on our beautiful planet earth! Part of the Amaryn collection and handcrafted with love by underprivileged women upskilled by SVATANYA. By buying it, you become a part of SVATANYA family and contribute towards our Goal of helping marginalized women get financially empowered

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