Sherawali Maa Durga Charm


The supreme Shakti, Maa Durga is worshipped with utmost devotion in Hindu religion. She is divine with a multi-dimensional demeanour. She is not only a nurturer but also a protector. She is worshipped as a Goddess of strength. During Navaratri, devotees worship the nine avatars of Maa Durga.

Interesting Facts about Maa Durga

  1. She is considered to be the other half of lord shiva. While Shiva is the form, Durga is the expression.
  2. She is seen riding a lion. While a Lion signifies power, Maa Durga who is sitting on a lion is the ultimate power, Shakti
  3. By her very name, Maa Durga can be conceived as the supreme power. The word ‘Durga’ means invincible.
  4. Given that she is the supreme power, Maa Durga was able to destroy Mahishasura, the demon who took various forms. She is therefore known as Mahishasura Mradini.

Material : Felt, Lace, Sequins, Recycled fiberfill
Dimension :5"(H)

Sherawali Charm in Silk & Felt with recycled polyfibre, hang them in your cars or homes for blessing and protection!. Made of raw material consciously procured from select stock fabric overruns, this creation has helped reduce manufacturing pressure on our beautiful planet earth! Part of the Amaryn collection and handcrafted with love by underprivileged women upskilled by SVATANYA. By buying it, you become a part of SVATANYA family and contribute towards our Goal of helping marginalized women get financially empowered

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