Sita & Ram Figurines


Rama- Seventh Avatar of Lord Vishnu

Lord Rama is considered to be the 7th incarnation of Lord Vishnu in 10 incarnations. Before Lord Rama, Lord Vishnu avatars are Matsya (fish), Kurma (tortoise), Varaha (boar), Narasimha (man and lion), Vamana (dwarf), and Parshurama while later as Krishna, Buddha, and Kalki (to be incarnate).

Lord Rama- Descendant of Lord Surya

Lord Rama was born in the “Ikshvaku” dynasty, which was founded by “King Ikshvaku”, son of Lord Surya. That is why Lord Rama is also called “Suryavanshi”.

Reign Of Lord Rama

Lord Rama ruled the kingdom of Ayodhya for eleven thousand years. This golden period is known as “Rama Rajya”

Birth Of Devi Sita

The legend behind Devi Sita’s birth is divine and supernatural. She did not emerged from a mothers’s womb, rather she appeared miraculously in a furrow, while king Janaka was ploughing the field as part of Vedic ritual in the kingdom of Videhas (also known as Mithila), an ancient Indian kingdom in late Vedic India.

Sita Swayamvar

When Sita had come of marriageable age, king Janaka arranged her a swayamvar (a ceremony where the prospective bride chooses her own groom from among a group of suitors who attend the ceremony).

The condition was whosoever strings Pinaka (Siva’s bow) will get Sita’s hand.

However, there is an associated legend to this condition, as per the Tulsidas Ramayan. When Lord Parshuram witnessed Devi Sita playing with the mighty bow (Pinaka) in a very tender age, he was stunned by her strength as even the Gods could not lift that bow. Witnessing this, Valmiki advised King Janak that when the time arrives Sita should be married to the one who had the courage to string the mighty bow. Only Lord Rama amongst all the suitors could string Lord Shiva’s bow and hence won the swayamvar.


Material : Felt, Wool, Silk, Wooden Beads, Recycled fiberfill
Dimension : 6.5"(H) X 3.5"(W)

Ram & Sita in Silk & Felt with recycled polyfibre, makes a perfect gift for yourself or your loved ones. Made of raw material consciously procured from select stock fabric overruns, this creation has helped reduce manufacturing pressure on our beautiful planet earth! Part of the Amaryn collection and handcrafted with love by underprivileged women upskilled by SVATANYA. By buying it, you become a part of SVATANYA family and contribute towards our Goal of helping marginalized women get financially empowered

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